Endometriosis and Stress


Did you know research has revealed that the stress hormone (cortisol) has been found to be significantly higher in women with endometriosis compared to women without this disease?  To be honest I was not surprised when first reading this fact. Commonly, when experiencing stress and at the same time managing a chronic disease, the symptoms… [Continue Reading]

Breaking the Cycle of Physical Pain


Pain is a stressor in everyone’s life.  We all experience the pain as simple as a headache or even an injury that may require a bit more attention.  Then there are many individuals that suffer from debilitating, unrelenting pain resulting in chronic pain. Any type of pain you may experience creates frustration, fatigue, and additional… [Continue Reading]

Reducing Health Related Stress

Health and Stress

Your overall health has a profound impact on the stress you are experiencing in your everyday life. From making sure you are eating a balanced diet to being diagnosed with a disease and/or illness; your health can be a major stressor. These 5 tips will help you take charge!

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