Keeping the Past from Defining the Rest of Your Life


I was a geek in school, complete with glasses, braces, and a stack of books that each weighed 5 pounds. But the one thing about school that I dreaded was PE. Find out how PE later came back to “haunt” me, and how you can keep the past from defining the rest of your life, too!

Find Yourself Scared of Changes that You Want?

Change Ahead Road sign 375x

As humans, we’re all a complicated mix of contradictions. We want things to be different. We want a change. And yet, when that change finally starts to happen, we find ourselves scared. Find out why we resist change, and what you can do to help yourself and others embrace changes in life.

Ever Wondered: Am I Crazy? (Find Out Why You’re Not)

crazy face_tongue out

In my work with people, there’s one question that I have heard over and over- particularly from women. Countless times, I’ve heard them wonder out loud, “Am I crazy?” Find out how to know the answer once and for all!

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