Endometriosis and Stress

Did you know research has revealed that the stress hormone (cortisol) has been found to be significantly higher in women with endometriosis compared to women without this disease?  To be honest I was not surprised when first reading this fact. Commonly, when experiencing stress and at the same time managing a chronic disease, the symptoms will begin to reflect one another.  When your stress is high your pain will be high and when your pain is high your stress will be high.  The symptoms you … [Read more...]

Breaking the Cycle of Physical Pain

Pain is a stressor in everyone’s life.  We all experience the pain as simple as a headache or even an injury that may require a bit more attention.  Then there are many individuals that suffer from debilitating, unrelenting pain resulting in chronic pain. Any type of pain you may experience creates frustration, fatigue, and additional stress.  Additional stress can then lead to increased pain.  Increased pain leads to increased stress, reducing your ability to cope, and thus starting a … [Read more...]

Reducing Health Related Stress

Your overall health has a profound impact on the stress you are experiencing in your everyday life.  From making sure you are eating a balanced diet to being diagnosed with a disease and/or illness; your health can be a major stressor.  Stress in turn can cause numerous health conditions such as severe headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.  As the number one proxy killer disease today, stress can create a vicious … [Read more...]

Keeping the Past from Defining the Rest of Your Life

I was a geek in school, complete with glasses, braces, and a stack of books that each weighed 5 pounds. Each night, I completed every detail of my assignments. I looked forward to learning new vocabulary words. It was exciting to successfully solve a word problem. But the one thing about school that I dreaded was PE. On the days we had PE, I had a pit in my stomach. I kept glancing at the clock, hoping the hands would somehow slow down before we trekked to the gym. My hands were sweaty. My … [Read more...]

The 10 Commandments of Low-Stress Women

1. Thou shalt not put everything and everyone else first all of the time. This wears on thy spirit and body. Schedule some time each week to take care of thyself, to ensure happiness and productivity.   2. Thou shalt not spend all of thy time on graven images. Close thy  laptop. Put down thy smart phone. Sign-out of Facebook.   3. Thou shalt not call thyself names in vain. "Stupid", "dumb", "fat", "unattractive", "procrastinator" and others tear away at thy spirit.  Instead, … [Read more...]

Find Yourself Scared of Changes that You Want?

As humans, we're all a complicated mix of contradictions. We want things to be different. We want a change. And yet, when that change finally starts to happen, we find ourselves scared. We may drag our feet about following the new office policy. We find all the ways the new  used car that we need, won't fit our budget.  We research 25 different online savings account options, trying to uncover any hidden fees, only to not open any  savings account at all. We put off telling our families about … [Read more...]

Ever Wondered: Am I Crazy? (Find Out Why You’re Not)

In my work with people, there's one question that I have heard over and over- particularly from women. Countless times, I've heard them wonder out loud, "Am I crazy?" Most of the time when we ask this question about ourselves, there's a lot going on in our lives. We have a lot of options and we worry that others won't support or understand our decision. We boldly go where others don't. We stay in difficult relationships because we love the person. We may not know what to do next. We may be so … [Read more...]

Help! My Kids Aren’t Listening to Me!

Before you can even see your kids, you hear them. The neighbors hear them. Everyone hears them. And from their cries of delight, you know the scene won’t be pretty. In the midst of every toy in the house strewn about, sippy cups hidden in crevices you didn’t even know existed, and cheerios raining down like a hurricane, they are jumping and playing and full of giggles. Now, your first instinct is to (fill in the blank here). Now be honest with me for a minute- how well has that actually … [Read more...]

Mommy Moments: What to Do When Yelling Isn’t Working

It’s a moment that’s forever carved in stone in my mind: I opened the door and found 12 four-year-olds jumping on chairs, climbing on tables and/or trying to escape out the window.  My first impulse was to turn around and run for my car. My second was to close the door (OK, truth be told it was more like slam the door) and start yelling at them. But I knew none of those things were options for my Sunday School class. For one, yelling at small children didn’t really go with that day’s sermon. … [Read more...]

Happily Never After? Where the Fairy Tales Stop the Story of Love

One of my favorite childhood memories was hearing my nightly fairy tale from my grandfather. As I eagerly listened for every one of my favorite foods to be in Little Red Riding Hood’s basket, he patiently fought off sleep. And thus began my love of reading and books ( my love for food was already in full bloom). Every time I read a book, I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the book. I wanted to see how the villains were defeated and refresh my faith and hope that good does always prevail. … [Read more...]